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Teen who had been drinking arrested after family brawl in Lady Lake

A Lady Lake teen was arrested for battery after allegedly striking his brother while in a drunken state before hitting his truck with a hammer.

Kaileb Braye Gilliam
Kaileb Braye Gilliam

An officer responded to a battery complaint at an undisclosed Lady Lake residence around 6:45 a.m. Saturday, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. 

Upon arrival, the officer met with the mother and brother of 19-year-old Kaileb Braye Gilliam. His brother advised that he heard a loud disturbance in the living room that woke him up. When he went to check on the noise, he found Gilliam drunk and breaking items in the house, the report said. 

Gilliam’s brother tried to calm him down and told him to go to bed and sleep it off. Gilliam instead argued back and went outside. His brother followed him to calm him down and get him back inside to sleep, but Gilliam struck him with a closed fist in the head near his left ear. Gilliam then returned to the house, grabbed a hammer and hit his brother’s truck twice with it, the report said. 

Gilliam’s mother stated that he came into the house and went out the back door when he heard the police sirens coming. He jumped the back fence and ran off, the report said. 

Gilliam was ultimately arrested and charged with battery (domestic). He was transported to Lake County Jail without further incident to be held without bond. 

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