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Obituaries in Leesburg, Florida. Local obituaries, local passings, local information on the deceased in Leesburg and Lake County, Florida. Local funeral home listings and links for individual condolences.

Louis Pellegrino

Louis Pellegrino Sr.

For more than 30 years, Louis Pellegrino served as an elder within the Jehovah’s Witness family in Leesburg, FL
Linda Gregory

Linda Gail (Enix) Gregory

Linda Gail Gregory was known for her beauty, grace, charm, dignity and by all means, her love of fishing. During speck season, you could find her and quite often her mother on the lake, morning and afternoon, catching fish.
Garry Cain

Garry Wray Cain

Garry Cain and his wife, Pamela, moved to Leesburg eight years ago from Lawrenceville, Georgia.
Shirley Kaufman

Shirley Jane Kaufman

Shirley Kaufman was born the same year as Hurricane Dora, and had a temper of said hurricane if it came to that.
Diane Shaw Freiwald

Diane Shaw Freiwald

Diane Freiwald spent her career working as administrative assistant in property management, development and hospitality, including her 14-year tenure in clerical support and reservations at Mission Inn Resort and Club until the time of her passing.
Carolyn Wick

Carolyn Sue Wick

Carolyn Wick's hobbies included traveling both internationally and nationally as well as playing cards, especially cribbage.
Dorothy Lee Ryan

Dorothy Hicks Ryan

Dorothy Ryan attended the Church of God of Prophecy in Leesburg, where over the years she served in many capacities such as VLB leader, worship leader, church treasurer, and pastor booster.

Ray J. Isherwood

Ray Isherwood was a member of the local gentleman's drink club in Leesburg and was once an avid golfer. He also enjoyed many other activies, like painting.

William Robert Hall III

The nickname William “Too Tall” Hall stuck with him throughout the years, due to his 6’ 6” adult height. His genuine, all loving, and compassionate heart was as big as his stature.
Robert Donald Downing

Robert Donald Downing

Robert Downing spent his life creating and inventing and spent his working years with General Electric.