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Man allegedly breaks into girlfriend’s car to stop her leaving with children

A Leesburg man was arrested for battery after allegedly breaking into his girlfriend’s car when she tried to leave with their children during an argument.

Evanti Dequan Payne
Evanti Dequan Payne

Deputies responded to a battery complaint around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with the female victim while she sat in her vehicle with two young children, the report said. They belonged to her and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Evanti Dequan Payne. She and the children were visiting him at his residence in Leesburg at the time of the incident.

The victim advised that in the evening, they were lying on Payne’s bed in his bedroom watching TV. One of the children was eating popcorn and dropped some of the pieces on the bed. Payne became agitated and asked the victim why she was allowing the child to eat popcorn on the bed, and she said they could clean it up when they got done, the report said.

Payne became angry, and an argument began. The victim left the bedroom with the toddler and walked into the living room where her other kid was with Payne’s stepfather. He asked if she was leaving, and she said yes, the report said.

The victim proceeded outside and put both children in their car seats in the back of her vehicle. She then got into the driver’s side and tried to leave. But Payne stormed out of the house, went to her car and said he needed his shoes, the report said.

The victim popped the trunk to allow him access to his shoes, and he became angry. He pulled the door handles in an attempt to get in the vehicle. The victim told him he did not need to get in the vehicle and that he could get his shoes. Payne reached through the trunk, unlocked the driver’s side passenger door where the children were and opened it, the report said.

Payne then got access to the driver-side door where the victim was sitting. The victim told him to let her go. He grabbed at her phone, causing her to drop it. When she reached down to grab it, he pushed her head down about three times. He grabbed her phone to keep her from calling law enforcement, the report said.

The victim then walked back into the residence where the family was to tell them what happened. During this time, Payne gathered the two children and tried to bring them back inside. The victim explained to his parents that she wanted her phone and desired to leave. Payne ultimately returned her phone, and she was able to get her children and leave the residence, the report said.

The deputy later contacted Payne at his residence where he admitted to taking the victim’s phone but denied striking her, the report said.

Payne was ultimately arrested and charged with simple battery (domestic), criminal mischief, obstructing victim from calling 911 and trespass occupied conveyance. He was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $5,500 bond.

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