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Pair arrested at homeless encampment in Leesburg

A homeless woman and man in Leesburg were arrested on trespassing charges after an officer found them camped on private property.

Jerald Anthone Hodge
Jerald Anthone Hodge
Ashley Marie Fisher
Ashley Marie Fisher

An officer conducted a secure check in the wooded area of 900 Stinson Street around 7:30 a.m.  April 9, according to arrest reports from the Leesburg Police Department. There was a trespass authorization letter signed by the property owner who requested that all subjects on the property who were not conducting official business be issued a trespass warning. 

While conducting the check, the officer observed multiple tents, the inhabitants of which included 28-year-old Ashley Marie Fisher and 42-year-old Jerald Anthone Hodge. Fisher was in a blue tent and stated that she did not realize that the property was privately owned and that she was trying to sleep. Hodge was in a yellow tent, advising that he was not aware of the trespass letter and was trying to sleep, the reports said. 

The officer then relayed the pair’s identifying information to the LPD Communication Center. Fisher was previously issued a trespass warning from the wooded area on April 2 while Hodge had been issued a warning on April 7. Both were subsequently placed into handcuffs and secured in a patrol vehicle, the reports said. 

Fisher and Hodge were both charged with trespass after warning. They were transported to Lake County Jail.

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