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Woman who had been drinking at Shamrock spending 10 days in jail on DUI

Bethsaly Melendez Zayas
Bethsaly Melendez Zayas

A woman who had been drinking at the Shamrock Lounge in Leesburg has been sentenced to 10 days in the Lake County Jail after pleading no contest to charges of drunk driving and spitting on a police officer.

Bethsaly Melendez Zayas, 32, was sentenced this past week in Lake County Court and immediately booked at the jail. She will also be on probation for three years, was ordered to complete 12 hours of anger management and cannot consume alcohol. She will lose her driver’s license for five years, however the judge will allow her to obtain a Business Purposes Only “hardship” license.

Melendez Zayas had been at the wheel of a vehicle on Aug. 12 when she was caught on radar traveling at 73 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, according to an arrest report from  the Leesburg Police Department. During a traffic stop, her passenger informed police they had been at the Shamrock.

Melendez Zayas refused to participate in field sobriety exercises and would not provide a breath sample. She grew angry during the booking process and spit on a police officer. She was previously convicted of a charge of driving under the influence in 2022.

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