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Aviation scholarship recipient earns private pilot license

A Ray Aviation Scholar recently passed his check ride and received his Private Pilot’s License from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Luke Nunez has been involved with the Experimental Aviation Association Mid Florida Chapter 534 for four years. While a member of the aviation youth group, Squadron 534, he progressed steadily from Young Eagle to Ray Aviation Scholar and now has his Private Pilot License. He was the fifth Ray Scholarship recipient for Chapter 534.  

During his time in Squadron 534, Nunez has been active in their program about aerodynamics, working with chapter mentors repairing and building aircraft projects. He does not intend to stop learning and is currently working on his Instrument Flight Rule rating at Sunair in Leesburg where he took his flight training. He has also landed a full-time job working at the Fixed Base Operations run by Sunair Aviation.

Luke Nunez Sunair Aviation
Luke Nunez took his flight training at Sunair Aviation Flight School in Leesburg. He is also getting his Instrument rating there.

Nunez looks forward to a career as an airline pilot, which will require even more advanced ratings and flying hours before earning the coveted Airline Transport Certificate. This will become his lifelong vocation born of an insatiable interest in wanting to fly. He also wants to get experience flying some of the older Warbirds he sees flying in and out of Leesburg International Airport. 

Many pilots say getting a Private Pilot License is really a license to continue studies in aeronautics. This is very true if you plan to continue flying as a career or even if you plan to fly recreationally. 

EAA Chapter 534 has recently been approved by their national organization to name a new Ray Aviation Scholar for 2024. The Ray Aviation Scholarships are a financial grant of $11,000 to help young people pay for their initial flight training at a flight school of their choice. The grant is supported by The Ray Foundation, managed by EAA National but administered through qualified local EAA Chapters. 

EAA Chapter 534 is proud to play a part in helping young people realize their dream to fly. If you are the parent of a child that looks to the sky every time a plane flies over and seems to have an above average interest in aviation, you might want to get them hooked up with your local EAA Chapter. 

For more information about EAA, explore further at www.eaa.org. For more information about EAA Chapter 534, go www.chapter534.org.

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