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Tamara Sue Stokes

Tamara Sue Stokes
Tamara Sue Stokes

Tamara Sue Stokes
November 18, 1962 – December 3, 2023

Tamara Sue Stokes, age 61 passed away on December 3, 2023 at home in Eustis, Florida with partner David and daughter Brandy by her side.

Tamara Stokes is the daughter of Ila Mea Stokes and Enrique Saladrigas Sr. Tamara was born on Sunday, November 18, 1962 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Tammy grew up in South Florida and attended Carol City Elementary. Tammy spent a lot of her youth in South Florida, did some traveling and lived in Georgia for a short time before moving back to South Florida in 1982. She has been a member of several churches through the years. Tamara met her last life partner David Stubbs in late 1993, though they started as friends they became lifelong partners. They lived together in Mt. Plymouth for over 20 years before moving to Eustis where she spent her last days. Tamara wore many different hats throughout her life as Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, Brick Mason Tender, Tree Surgeons assistant but she was mostly a wife, mother, grandmother, partner and friend.

Tamara was a lover of people, nature and had a real knack for adventure. Tammy spent time in the Everglades of South Florida fishing, hunting, swamp buggy riding and camping. Later in life she enjoyed shopping, beach vacations and trips to see her sister Lynda in the Smoky Mountains. Her favorite foods were hamburgers and coffee but her old favorite Jose’ Cuervo she left behind in finding sobriety. She was always willing to help out a neighbor, friend, stranger or even wild animals. She always had a big heart. Most of all, her favorite things were her family and her dog Angel. Tamara was a lover of music and her creativity with art among other things has been passed down to each and every one of her children in their own ways. If you were to mention any one of her children she would beam with joy and pride over each and every one of them. David and Tamara built a beautiful life together filled with laughter and love.

Tamara is survived by her five children: three daughters Brandy Morris of Eustis, Jessica Fry of Marianna, and Megan Fry of Sorrento, two sons Aaron Fry (wife Ann) of Leesburg, and Dylan Fry of Dona Vista. Nine grandchildren Daniel Jr, Nathan, Dominic and Noah (Jessica) Paxton, and Brody (Megan) Bryce Hutcheson (Brandy) Landon (Dylan) Also survived by many nieces and nephews, and life partner David Stubbs.

Tamara was preceded in death by her parents Ila and Enrique, sister Lynda Phillips and a few beloved pets.

A graveside service will be held at 12:00 PM, Saturday, December 9, 2023, followed by a celebration of life at the Sorrento Cemetery.

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