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Serial shoplifter already on probation sips stolen Coke and steals charger at Walmart

Sheena Lynn Woolever
Sheena Lynn Woolever

An repeat offender was arrested for retail theft after allegedly shoplifting a charger and a Coke from Walmart in Leesburg.  

Police responded to Walmart, located at 2501 Citrus Boulevard, in reference to a retail theft at about 3 p.m. Saturday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. 

Upon arrival at the store, the officer spoke with a loss prevention employee who stated he observed 37-year-old Sheena Lynn Woolever in the electronics department. She grabbed an Anker phone charger box and later opened the package while in the deli aisle. She removed the phone charger, placed the packaging inside the cart and concealed the charger inside her left pant pocket, the report said. 

The employee advised that Woolever then retrieved a Coca-Cola soda from their refrigerated items aisle and began to drink it. She walked to the front of the store and entered the women’s restroom. In total, the cost of the stolen items was $32.15, the report said. 

The officer proceeded to meet with Woolever outside of the restroom, the report said. She was detained in handcuffs and taken to the store’s loss prevention office. While there, Woolever stated she needed the charger due to her phone being dead, and the only way for her to pay for items was by using her phone. She further advised that she did not know she was not allowed to drink the beverage before paying for it.  

After speaking with Woolever, the officer was informed that she had four prior theft convictions dating back to Oct. 2011. She was also currently on active felony probation out of Lake County for the offense of petit theft (3rd conviction), which began on Aug. 23 and would be terminated on that date in 2027, the report said.  

Woolever was subsequently arrested on charge of retail theft (two or more prior). She was transported to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $5,000.

Woolever was arrested July 15 after she was “acting suspiciously” at Walmart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages. Woolever allegedly attempted to steal more than $600 worth of merchandise in that incident and when she was caught she begged not to be taken to jail.

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