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Next Beacon Salon Series event to cover falcony and raptor conservation

Dani Mitchell featured image
Dani Mitchell

Beacon College anthrozoologist Dani Mitchell will discuss falconry and its impact on raptor conservation at the college’s next Salon Speaker event on Sept. 27.

Mitchell’s talk will provide an insightful look at falconry, or the pursuit of wild quarry with a trained bird of prey. She’ll talk about what falconry is, how it has evolved over the past few decades, the role of falconers in the conservation of birds of prey, and more.

Mitchell will also share about the California condor and Peregrine falcon recovery efforts made by falconers to help prevent these species from going the way of the dodo. With exciting videos and an engaging look at falconry throughout history, this talk is not one to miss. Finish the evening by learning about this unique relationship between wild raptors and their human caregivers in which the wild bird has the ability to fly away every day but actively chooses to remain with its human partner.

The event will take place 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 25 at the Venetian Center (1 Dozier Circle, Leesburg).  Admission is free and a boxed meal will be provided. Register online at https://secure.qgiv.com/for/SalonSeries23/event/danimitchellanthrozoologistfalconer/

In its seventh year, the Beacon Salon Speaker Series at Beacon College is the school’s flagship community education outreach program. The Speaker Series brings in speakers, educators, authors, and entertainers from Florida and around the country to educate, edify, and entertain by exploring Florida history, waxing poetic, delving into popular culture, and clenching the political third rail.

Channeling its ethos from the Parisian salons of the Enlightenment, the Speaker Series honors the college’s sacrosanct duty as an institution of higher learning to uplift the community in which it operates, spark engagement, and sow seeds of conversation and discovery.

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