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Inspector cites popular Leesburg restaurant for health code violations

A health inspector found a high-priority violation involving food temperature during an inspection at a popular Leesburg restaurant.

The inspection was conducted Sept. 6 of The Brick and Barrel located on West Main Street. The inspector found that chicken was not at the proper temperature to ensure the safety of diners, according to a report on file with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Brick and Barrel in Leesburg
The Brick and Barrel in Leesburg

The inspector also found food contact services which were soiled with food debris and a mold-like substance or slime. Employees promptly corrected the violation.

The restaurant had no record of state approved employee training, so the inspector provided staff with the contact information for the Safe Staff program provided by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association.

The restaurant also had a cutting board with cut marks which could not be cleaned, a malfunctioning dish washer, an employee’s beverage was found on a food preparation surface, there was a towel under a cutting board, water on the kitchen floor and a slow drain. A plumber fixed that problem while the inspector was present.

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