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Homeless man tased after threatening to throw Slurpee at cop at 7-Eleven

A homeless man was tased after threatening to throw a Slurpee at a police officer at 7-Eleven.

Floyd Thomas Coburn
Floyd Thomas Coburn

Officers were dispatched to 7-Eleven, located at 2058 U.S. Hwy. 27/441, regarding 33-year-old Floyd Thomas Coburn causing a disturbance around 12:44 p.m. Tuesday, according to an arrest report from the Fruitland Park Police Department. He had been previously trespassed from the property on Sunday, May 5. 

Upon arrival, officers observed Coburn walking south through the parking lot toward the exit on U.S. Hwy. 27/441. They made contact with him just south of the business on the side of the road. When they tried to secure him for the charge of trespassing after warning, he became combative and resisted, the report said. 

Coburn opposed law enforcement by walking away and not following their commands to stop and put his hands behind his back. One of the officers grabbed his left wrist to secure him, but he pulled away. The officer told him that he was under arrest and tried to grab his wrist to control and secure him, the report said. 

In response, Coburn smacked the officer’s hand away. He had a Slurpee in his right hand and raised it in the air as if he was going to throw it at the officer. He was again informed that he was under arrest, but he swung his arms as the officer approached him, the report said. 

The officer warned Coburn that he would be tased and told him to place his hands behind his back. Smith refused to comply with all orders to stop and walked away from the officers. Due to his resisting, he was told he would be tased for noncompliance, the report said. 

At that point, Coburn continued to resist and was tased by an officer. Two officers placed him in handcuffs once he was on the ground. Lake County Fire was called to medically clear Coburn after he was secured, the report said. 

Coburn was subsequently charged with trespass after warning, retail theft and resisting with violence. He was transported to Lake County Jail with bond set at $11,500. 

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