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Man charged with DUI after falling asleep at red light in front of cop

Jahmari Kyeshun Walden
Jahmari Kyeshun Walden

A Leesburg man was arrested after he fell asleep at a red light with a police officer behind him.

The officer stopped for a red light at the intersection of West North Boulevard and North 14th Street at around 6:02 a.m. Saturday. The patrol car was in the far-left turn lane behind a black Honda sedan driven by 26-year-old Jahmari Kyeshun Walden, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.

When the light cycled from red to green, Walden’s vehicle failed to move. The officer turned on his siren and honked, but Walden stayed put. At that point, the officer initiated a traffic stop and walked to the driver’s side of the vehicle, where he observed Walden and his passenger sleeping, the report said.

The officer could smell the distinct odor of freshly burnt marijuana coming from inside. After two additional officers arrived at the scene, the arresting officer tried to open the doors but discovered they were all locked, according to the report.

Two other officers then loudly knocked on the front driver and passenger windows. Walden suddenly awoke and drove forward several feet before coming to a stop. He then lowered his window, turned off the vehicle and handed the officer the keys. Walden appeared confused and asked the officers what was going on, the report said.

The officer smelled another odor, this time of an unknown alcoholic beverage, on Walden’s breath. He and the passenger were detained as a result. Walden was escorted to the Freedom Vapes parking lot, located at 1353 W North Blvd, and asked if he would participate in field sobriety exercises, according to the report.

Walden agreed to do the exercises, but his performance led the officers to conclude he was driving under the influence of something. He later provided two breath samples that came back with readings of 0.063g/210L and 0.064/210L, the report said.

Walden was subsequently charged with DUI and issued a citation for stopping in prohibited places. He was taken to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $1,000 bond.

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