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Growth of The Villages like a cancer in Leesburg

To the Editor:

I moved here to Leesburg in 1990. I moved here because it was a small town. It had a quaintness about it, but not any more. With all the approvals for housing developments by the commissioners they have destroyed Leesburg.
With the growth of The Villages, it’s like a cancer eating away at the county.
Growth to a point can be good, but too much brings problems.
Problems like traffic congestion roads and highways that have cannot keep up with the vast expansive growth.
Destruction of the ecosystem. Overcrowding of schools, acres and acres of tree removals. Limited water supply and congestion and air pollution from all the increased automobile traffic.
Thank you commissioners, for destroying Lake County out of greed and a ego that has devastated our county. Crime is up, cost of living is up. All due to this growth.

Tom Zak


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