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Whiskey-drinking Mount Dora woman popped for DUI

Isabelle Patrice Kopp
Isabelle Patrice Kopp

A Mount Dora woman charged with DUI had a half-full cup of whiskey in her vehicle when she was pulled over for speeding.

At around 1:23 a.m. Tuesday, a Tavares police officer stopped a black 2022 Dodge Challenger traveling 54 mph in a 35-mph zone near Fairview Avenue and Lakeshore Drive. The driver was 19-year-old Isabelle Patrice Kopp, according to the arrest report.

The officer spoke with Kopp and observed she was slurring her speech, her eyes were watery and bloodshot, and she had a strong smell of alcohol on her breath. Kopp admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening despite her not being the legal drinking age, and she agreed to perform a series of field sobriety exercises, the report said.

Throughout the exercises, Kopp showed a lack of balance, eyelid tremors, body tremors, heavy swaying, and the inability to follow simple instructions. She later provided two breath samples of .153 and .165. Kopp stated she did not believe her number was high and that she normally consumes more alcohol than she did that night. She also appeared to be in good spirits, with multiple moments of laughter, according to the report.

An inventory check of Kopp’s vehicle revealed a half-full cup of cinnamon whiskey in the center console cup holder. Kopp was arrested and charged with DUI. She also was issued an open container citation for the whiskey.

Kopp was taken to the Lake County Jail, where bond was set at $1,000. She’s scheduled to appear in Lake County Court on April 11.

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