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Teenage Lake County Jail inmates caught with shivs in their cells

James Carter White
James Carter White
Isaiah Antawan McNealy
Isaiah Antawan McNealy

Two 18-year-old inmates were caught with homemade weapons during separate searches of their cells at the Lake County Jail.

Deputies received a tip of a possible weapon in the facility and conducted a shakedown search on Tuesday of James Carter White’s cell. Concealed in a soapbox was a toothbrush filed down to a point where it could be used to stab someone, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Only White and one other inmate were housed in the cell. After the other inmate denied knowing anything about the weapon, White admitted it was his and he had made it, the report said.

Carter has been in jail since February for grand theft, burglary and criminal mischief. He was charged with possession of contraband in a county detention facility.

Deputies also searched Isaiah Antawan McNealy’s cell. When they entered the cell and asked McNealy to get out so they could search it, McNealy said he was going to take a shower and reached for a towel and blanket, according to the report.

McNealy was ordered to hand over the blanket and towel so they could be inspected. Deputies found a filed-down toothbrush that could be used as a weapon. McNealy admitted the weapon was his, the report said.

McNealy, of Tavares, has been in jail since December 2020 for attempted murder and drug possession, was also charged with possession of contraband in a county detention facility.

Both inmates will respond to the latest charges in Lake County Court on July 11.

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