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Teen busted for drug possession at local high school

William Mller
William Miller

An 18-year old student was arrested last week on a felony drug charge at Mount Dora High School.

School administrators on Thursday had informed the school resource officer that William Miller smelled like marijuana, according to an arrest report from the Mount Dora Police Department.

When the officer and assistant principal made contact with Miller they could smell the odor of marijuana  on his clothes. They escorted Miller to a vacant room and asked him if he had anything illegal on his person. Miller denied having anything illegal but then said he did have a vape. The assistant principal searched Miller’s backpack and found a vape device and a cylinder which contained a yellow liquid. The yellow liquid field tested positive for THC.

Miller was transported to the Lake County Jail where he was charged with the third degree felony of possession of a controlled substance. He was released after posting $1,000 bond.

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