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Deadbeat dad coughs up $2,678 in back child support to get out of jail

Travis Weaver
Travis Weaver

A deadbeat dad coughed up $2,678 in back child support to get out of jail following his arrest by Leesburg police.

A officer observed a gray Ford Fusion on Tuesday driving erratically at the intersection of West North Boulevard and Perkins Street, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department.  After following the Ford for a short distance, the officer activated his emergency lights and the Ford stopped at the Aldi parking lot on Citrus Boulevard. The driver claimed he did not have his license on him and said his name was “Michael A. Greene.” He also provided a date of birth.

When the officer called the name into dispatch, he was advised that “Michael A. Greene” had several outstanding felony warrants. The officer deployed his K-9, Boomer, to aid him if the suspect tried to run. Once the man was secured, he spontaneously said his name was Travis L. Weaver, 39, of Wildwood. A records check showed that Weaver had numerous suspensions and has been classified as a habitual traffic offender. Weaver was arrested on a third degree felony charge of driving while license suspended and on a charge of providing a false identification to a law enforcement officer.

Weaver was also wanted on a writ of bodily attachment out of Sumter County for non-payment of child support.

He was booked at the Lake County Jail and released after posting $3,000 and paying the outstanding child support in the amount of $2,678.

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