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16-year-old arrested at local high school after going berserk when girlfriend drops him

A 16-year-old student who became enraged when his girlfriend broke up with him was arrested Thursday afternoon at Leesburg High School.

The teenager’s ex-girlfriend said the incident took place Monday and she claimed he grabbed her hoodie and started dragging her down the hall in Building 1 near the front office. She said he refused to let her go even though she asked him to do so multiple times, telling her “he wasn’t done talking,” a Lake County Sheriff’s office report states.

The victim told deputies she had received a note from the teenager about breaking up and how he still wanted to be with her, but he didn’t threaten her in the letter. But she claimed that while in school, he made comments to a friend of hers that he was going to chain her to a fence and “cut” her, the report says.

The victim said the teenager has shown her knives in the past and keeps one in the front of his backpack when he comes to school. She said he also had threatened in the past to shoot himself in the head over a social media posting where she had seen him in possession of a firearm, the report says.

The victim said she had been dating the teenager about 16 months and she believed he had hacked into the video surveillance system at her house because of things he had said in the past. She also claimed he had hacked into her cell phone and gained access to her microphone and camera, the report says.

The victim also told deputies that the teenager had been very controlling and dictated what type of clothing she could wear and who she was allowed to associate with. She claimed he had struck in the face with his hand in September, which led to a fight between him and another juvenile.

A witness told deputies that the teenager had made comments about tying up the victim and slicing her body. She said he also had mentioned that he wanted to “punch” her during lunch. And she claimed he told her about the incident on Monday and said he had slammed the victim up against her locker, the report says, adding that he also asked if she knew a place to get a gun.

Deputies then spoke with the teenager and he said he wasn’t surprised they made contact with him. He admitted to grabbing the victim’s hoodie because he wanted to know why she was breaking up with him. He said he had the capability to track her old phone because if “anything happened to her he would be able to locate her.” And he said he had asked the witness if her parents had any guns, the report says.

The teenager was then taken into custody and transported to the Lake County Jail. He was charged with simple battery (dating), stalking and false imprisonment.

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