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Beacon College receives $160,000 grant for new classrooms and scholarship support

Beacon College recently received a $160,000 grant for new classroom space and scholarship support. 

The grant from The Edward C. Fogg, III and Lizbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust is meant to support the renovations and academic enhancements necessary to help complete Beacon’s Academic Mall and to fund scholarships for disadvantaged students with learning and attention issues. 

In its 35th year, Beacon continues growing a national reputation of excellence in educating students with learning differences, recently ranked by U.S. News No. 3 among “Best Regional Colleges in the South” and No. 5 among regional colleges for social mobility. 

“The continued philanthropy of the Fogg Charitable Trust is essential for helping secure and renovate much needed instructional space necessary for continuing and broadening the pioneering and transformational work here at Beacon,” said Beacon President George J. Hagerty. “We are incredibly grateful to The Edward C. Fogg, III and Lizbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust for its belief in our students with learning differences and its commitment to our academic community. Fogg’s signature on our campus and in the life of our community is indelible.” 

The Fogg grant specifically provided a critical investment in helping secure much-needed classroom space to support the growth of the college’s two largest majors, anthrozoology and business management. The money also renewed and extended the commitment of the Fogg Charitable Trust to providing critical scholarship assistance to Beacon’s neediest students. 

“For many of students with considerable financial need, enrolling or returning to Beacon is an uncertainty until a donor steps forward to provide unexpected support through a student scholarship,” said Rich Killion, Beacon vice president of advancement and strategy. “That is why the Fogg Charitable Trust’s continued willingness to support the Edward C. Fogg, III & Lisbeth A. Fogg Scholarship program is so deeply valued. The Edward C. Fogg, III & Lisbeth A. Fogg Scholarship Fund is making a huge difference in so many young lives that hold incredible promise.” 

The Foggs made their fortune in citrus and in developing farm and convenience stores that primarily sold milk, bread and ice cream. They owned multiple stores throughout Florida, including three in Leesburg. 

Edward Fogg died in 2004. Lisabeth passed away in 2015. Their legacy of community support continues through The Edward C Fogg, III and Lisbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust of Camilla, Ga., primarily supporting causes focused on hospitals, medical research, humanities, domesticated animals, human services and education. 

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