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Unlicensed driver from Mexico arrested on DUI after found sleeping at Circle K

An unlicensed driver from Mexico was arrested on a drunk driving charge after falling asleep in his truck while parked at Circle K.

Edilberto Matias Ramirez
Edilberto Matias Ramirez

A deputy responded to a Circle K in Sorrento at 12:35 a.m. Wednesday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with a Circle K employee who advised there was a white Chevy pickup truck with concrete materials in the truck bed parked by the ice machine. She also stated there was a man, later identified as 37-year-old Edilberto Matias Ramirez, asleep in the driver’s seat. The pickup left the parking lot eastbound on Sorrento Avenue after another unknown man woke up Ramirez, the report said. 

The deputy went in this direction on Sorrento Avenue and spotted the truck going west. He did a U-turn and proceeded to head west. He then saw the truck turn south onto County Road 437 at which time he notified another deputy who was near the intersection with Adair Avenue. While following the truck, the deputy noticed it failing to maintain its lane, the report said. 

After a short time, the other deputy got behind the truck and observed it did not have a working tag light, and the passenger brake light was not operating properly. He activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop, the report said. 

Upon approaching the vehicle, the deputy observed Ramirez struggle to lower the driver’s side front window before opening the door. The deputy then informed him of the reason for the traffic stop. During this interaction, Ramirez told the deputy that he did not have a valid license and only possessed an ID card, the report said. 

The deputy next asked Ramirez to get out of his vehicle, as he was not legally able to operate one. He was told to walk to the front of the patrol car. While walking to rear of his pickup, Ramirez used the side of the vehicle to help his balance, the report said. 

Due to this observation, the deputy asked Ramirez if he had been drinking. Ramirez subsequently admitted to drinking six Modelos about two hours before the stop. He also stated that his family recommended he not drive that night because of the alcohol, the report said. 

Ramirez was then asked to perform field sobriety exercises due to the level of impairment observed. Due to his performance, which included not following instructions, the deputy concluded he was under the influence. He was taken into custody and taken to Lake County Jail, the report said. 

Upon arrival at the jail, Ramirez provided breath samples of 0.167 and 0.171. He was also asked if he felt the effects of alcohol, to which he replied, “not really.” He also did not think he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the stop, the report said. 

Ramirez was ultimately charged with DUI (first offense) and driving while license suspended with knowledge for DUI. The native of Mexico was released from jail after posting $12,500 bond.

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