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Leesburg commissioners approve 371 unit subdivision near Florida Turnpike

Leesburg commissioners have approved a 371 unit subdivision near the Florida Turnpike.

The subdivision will be built on a 135 acre parcel which is located south of the Florida Turnpike and east of County Road 33. The development will be called Tierra Vista.

The undeveloped parcel is presently pasture land and the properties neighboring the site are residential, and agricultural. City of Leesburg utilities are nearby.

The Tierra Vista subdivision will be developed in three phases.

The developer is authorized under the City of Leesburg Planned Unit Development to construct houses on 276 Lots measuring 50 feet by 120 feet and 95 houses on lots measuring 60 feet by 120 feet.

The petition for the zoning change was brought by Ben Snyder on behalf of Aguia Marina LLC. Aguia purchased the parcel for $2.8 million dollars from the Carter-Highway 33/Turnpike Land Trust in Jan. of 2005. 

Mayor Jimmy Burry noted that the development will have several homes close to the Florida Turnpike and he said the city should require that future buyers be made aware in writing that the city would not be responsible for noise reduction for those dwellings along the high-traffic roadway.

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