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Leesburg woman arrested after more frivolous calls to 911

Dianna Lynn West
Dianna Lynn West

A Leesburg woman was arrested for her continued history of calling 911 over non-emergency situations after claiming to have snorted methamphetamine.

Police received a call from 39-year-old Dianna Lynn West reporting strange noises outside her home in Leesburg around 10:11 p.m. Monday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

However, a deputy contacted her by phone and heard no noises while speaking to her. A law enforcement response was cancelled at that time, the report said. 

The report noted that West has an extensive history of calling 911 for frivolous matters and has been warned on more than one occasion that if she continued to call for non-emergency matters, she would be arrested for misuse. 

The following day, West called again and stated to the call taker that she had just consumed methamphetamine, her mother was throwing a fit because she had drugs in the house and she wanted to go to jail for her “sins,” the report said. 

Upon the deputy’s arrival at 3:17 a.m., he determined there was no emergency that required calling 911 for assistance. West told the deputy that she smoked and snorted methamphetamine before his arrival. As a result, he requested Lake County Fire Rescue, and they determined that she did not need any further medical intervention, the report said. 

West was then arrested on charge of misuse of 911. She was transported to the Lake County Jail and released of her own recognizance. She is responsible for appearing in court on Jan. 10.

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