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Trespasser recognized by Walmart employee as suspect in another incident

A Leesburg man was arrested for trespassing after a Walmart employee recognized him from another incident involving theft. 

Mark Alan Whorley
Mark Alan Whorley

Police responded to a possible theft at Walmart, located at 2501 Citrus Boulevard, around 8:47 p.m. Wednesday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. 

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the loss prevention officer who advised that 48-year-old Mark Alan Whorley was inside the store, the report said. They explained that he had been trespassed from the location and arrested for retail theft in the past. In that September incident, Whorley left Walmart with over $600 worth of stolen merchandise. 

During this time, it was confirmed that Whorley had been issued a trespass warning from the store. Officers then went to the back of the business and found Whorley walking with another man. He was detained without incident and escorted to the loss prevention office, the report said. 

Whorley then stated that he had been back to the store multiple times after having been trespassed. However, any possible theft was unfounded at that point, the report said. 

The Michigan native was still arrested on charge of trespass after warning. He was transported to the Lake County Jail and released after posting $1,000 bond.

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