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Nearly 400 new homes planned near Florida Turnpike in Leesburg

Leesburg commissioners heard details Monday night about a planned development for nearly 400 new homes near the Florida Turnpike.

The 135-acre development would be located on a parcel which is presently undeveloped pasture land. It is located south of the Florida Turnpike and east of County Road 33. The existing land uses surrounding the property are residential, agriculture, and vacant residential.

The 135 acre parcel is located south of the turnpike and east of County Road 33
The 135-acre parcel is located south of the turnpike and east of County Road 33.

The proposal, which was up for a first reading, will allow for the development of the property with 371 single-family residential units, with 276 lots at 50 feet by 120 feet and 95 lots at 60 feet by 120 feet.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the application on Oct. 19 and recommended approval. The second reading of the proposed zoning change is scheduled for Dec. 11 when the commission will consider final approval of the proposal.

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