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EAA Chapter 534 members go to work to raise money

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 534 recently raised money for its youth program by helping a plane parts wholesaler fulfill a large order.

Chapter 534 members young and old gather around the table to package the EZ-UP Inspection cover kits.

A large group of adult and youth members spent a good part of Oct. 14 in the chapter’s hangar at Leesburg International Airport, packaging the parts for EZ-UP Inspection Cover kits for Wisconsin-based Plane Parts Inc., which recently received an order for 300 new inspection covers. The company calls on EAA Chapter 534 from time to time to help keeping up with the demand.

These revolutionary inspection covers were designed by Marty Harris, who got tired of getting his fingers snapped and having to repair the scratched paint on his planes. Harris is on the board of directors of EAA Chapter 534 and very active in the chapter’s aviation youth program, Squadron 534. He donated the rights to his EZ-UP Inspection Cover to EAA Chapter 534 to help them raise money for their youth program. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The underside of the EZ-UP Inspection Cover showing the spring clip, SS screws, and the locking nuts.

The inspection cover kits are packaged by Squadron 534 youth members who are supervised by the adult members.

As time goes on more and more airplane owners and builders find out how to avoid the tedious and painful job of removing or installing the old fashion riveted inspection covers on their fabric covered aircraft without tearing or scratching the paint, or getting their fingers snapped by the springs. Many are switching to the EZ-UP covers.

These inspection covers are designed to be used on experimental and light sport fabric-covered planes.

Top view of the EZ-UP Inspection Cover showing the SS screws instead of rivets.

An A&P mechanic sign-off may be used to replace the old-style riveted inspection covers on certified fabric covered planes per Advisory Circular (AC) 43.13.1 acceptable methods, techniques and practices for aircraft inspection and repair.

The EZ-UP inspection covers have two models, the traditional domed type and a flatter recessed style cover. Both are ready to prep for painting. They still come with the usual high-tension spring but instead of rivets the new kits use stainless steel screws, washers, and a locking nut attached to the spring.

The covers have been tested by Patty Wagstaff for two years on her ACA Super Decathlon with no problems. If these covers can survive the stresses she puts them through with her aerobatics, you can feel reassured they will work well for you.

Patty Wagstaff shows off one of the EZ-UP inspection Covers installed on her ACA Super Decathlon. On her plane they are subjected to more than the average Gs.

If you have had it with the old, riveted inspection covers and have run out of Band Aids, you may buy the EZ-UP Inspection Covers at: Plane Parts Inc., Rhinelander, WI 54501. They’re online at www.planepartsinc.com and the phone number is 715-420-0168.

For more about EAA Chapter 534 or EAA National, go to www.eaachapter534.org  or www.eaa.org.

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