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Woman charged with battering and pouring beer on drunk boyfriend

Sara Marie Hensley
Sara Marie Hensley

A 40-year-old Leesburg woman was arrested after she allegedly battered her live-in boyfriend while he was drunk and in bed.

Sara Marie Hensley was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened early Tuesday evening at a residence on Oak Avenue where she and the victim live. The victim told a Lake County sheriff’s deputy that he and Hensley have been living together as a couple for about seven years.

The deputy arrived at the home and spoke with the woman who reported the incident, who was sitting outside in a golf cart with another witness. The complainant told the deputy that Hensley called her and told her to come get the victim before she “snapped his neck.” She said while she was on the phone, she heard Hensley screaming at the victim, according to the police report.

The complainant said when she arrived at the residence, Hensley told her to get off the property before she beat her ass. The other witness told the deputy that when he arrived at the residence, he saw Hensley hitting the victim and pouring beer on him. He said Hensley grabbed the victim and tried to drag him off the porch, the report said.

The victim told the deputy he was under the influence of alcohol and laying in bed when Hensley came into the room, grabbed him by the hair and started striking him. He said Hensley only stopped hitting him when she was told law enforcement was on the way. The victim did not want to provide a statement or wish to prosecute at that time, according to the report.

The deputy then spoke with Hensley, who said she didn’t hit the victim and was upset because the complainant called the victim’s phone and wouldn’t tell her why, the report said.

Hensley was placed under arrest and taken to the Lake County Jail. She’s being held on $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in Lake County Court on July 20.

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