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Lake Schools Educational Choice open enrollment period closes April 30

The Lake County Schools Educational Choice application window for Lake residents only opened on Feb. 1 and will close on Friday, April 30. Parents will be notified of the results of applications received during this window around the middle of May.

A second Lake County Schools Educational Choice application window for all Florida residents will open on June 1.

Educational Choice gives families the flexibility to send their children to any traditional public school, regardless of where in Florida they live, as long as the school has capacity and the family can provide transportation.

If an open school (one with capacity to take additional students) receives more applications than open seats, a random, computerized lottery will be held and selected applicants will be contacted in the order determined by the lottery. Other applicants will be placed on a waiting list and notified.

Applications to schools with closed capacity – no room for out-of-zone students – also will be placed on a waiting list in an order determined by a random, computerized lottery. In the event of openings, applicants will be notified in the order determined by the computerized list. Waiting lists expire on the Friday after Labor Day of the new school year.

Learn more about Open Enrollment for Lake County Schools at www.lake.k12.fl.us/EducationalChoice.

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