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Shoplifting suspect arrested in theft of Lego Star Wars set at Walmart

A shoplifting suspect has been arrested in the theft of a Lego Star Wars set at Walmart.

Cameron Bryan Baghrzadeh
Cameron Bryan Baghrzadeh

An officer responded to Walmart, located at 2501 Citrus Boulevard, regarding fraud around 8:09 p.m. May 7, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. Upon arrival, he spoke to another officer who shared information he got from the store’s asset protection associates. 

The associates explained that while patrolling the sales floor, they noticed 41-year-old Cameron Bryan Baghrzadeh of Winter Garden with Legos in his cart approaching a self-checkout register. He tried to pay for the items in his cart, but when the first attempt failed, he used another card. After the second attempt failed, he moved to another register, the report said. 

A third failed attempt ended with Baghrzadeh leaving his cart and exiting the building. He returned after a short time and brought the same cart to the customer service desk. He then “returned” items that he bought and received $27.92 in cash from customer service employees, the report said. 

After the fraudulent return, Baghrzadeh left the store with the cash and three items that were not paid for, passing all points of sale. He took one Lego Star Wars set worth $185, one can of AC refrigerant worth $9.98 and one soldering iron worth $6.07 for a total of $201.05, the report said. 

Additionally, the associates advised that they saw Baghrzadeh leave the property in a white sedan. The vehicle involved was found at a nearby restaurant and was initially unoccupied. A woman approached and was compliant with officers, the report said. 

The woman stated that she was at Walmart with her friend and that she waited in the car while he went to shop. She got into a verbal argument with him at a second nearby restaurant before he fled the area. He returned with the items, but she was unsure of what he had. After a brief argument, he left the area on foot, the report said. 

Baghrzadeh’s ID along with the Lego set and soldering iron were located inside the vehicle, which were returned to Walmart. He was found nearby by a Fruitland Park Police officer. The LPD officer made contact with Baghrzadeh who identified himself with the same name found on the driver’s license, the report said. 

The officer then placed Baghrzadeh under arrest and took him to adult booking at the LPD for processing. He read him his rights, which he understood but did not wish to speak. A criminal history check revealed that he had one prior conviction for petit theft (less than $750) in June 2023, the report said. 

Baghrzadeh was charged with retail theft (less than $750 – second offense) and fraud (petit theft – one prior conviction). He was transported to Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond. 

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