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Man banned from Walmart returns to steal $17 worth of items

A Clermont man was arrested after returning to a Walmart he had been trespassed from the day prior to steal several drinks and microwavable dinners.

Brandon Eugene Jones
Brandon Eugene Jones

A Walmart representative contacted the Leesburg Police Department regarding a man, later identified as 32-year-old Brandon Eugene Jones, who was trespassed the day before being back at the store and stealing items around 7:44 a.m. Wednesday, according to an arrest report from the LPD. 

The complainant, who was familiar with Jones due to the trespass from the previous day, gave Jones’ name to dispatch. They were also told that Jones was leaving the store with unpaid merchandise and walking south on 14th Street in a blue tank top and black shorts, the report said. 

While one officer responded to Walmart, located at 2501 Citrus Boulevard, another officer spotted Jones walking south on 14th Street near Rural King. He was wearing the same clothing and carrying a Walmart shopping bag. The officer subsequently approached Jones, and another arrived to assist, the report said. 

One of the officers got out of his patrol vehicle to which Jones stated, “get away from me.” The officer asked him if he was just at Walmart, and he replied, “I own Walmart.” He was then told to stop walking but refused to do so, instead continuing to walk south on 14th Street toward a patrol vehicle, the report said. 

The officer got out his department issued taser and told Jones he would tase him, and Jones told him to “go ahead.” With the other officer’s assistance, they were able to place Jones under arrest. He had a Florida issued ID card with a name matching the name given by the complainant, the report said. 

The assisting officer took Jones to the LPD for booking while the other responded to Walmart to get a sworn written statement from the complainant indicating their intent to press charges. He also observed footage of Jones leaving the store with the merchandise, including a ginger ale soda, Ensure drinks and two steak microwave dinners totaling $16.69, the report said. 

Jones was ultimately charged with retail petit theft (less than $750), trespass (after warning) and resisting (obstructing without violence). He was transported to Lake County Jail to be held without bond. 

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