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Fruitland Park woman jailed after tug-of-war domestic battle over quilt

A Fruitland Park woman was arrested for allegedly hitting her on-and-off boyfriend in the face while he slept in their trailer.

Tina Marie King
Tina Marie King

A deputy responded to a physical altercation at an undisclosed Fruitland Park residence around 5:02 a.m. Wednesday, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. 

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with other deputies who were already on scene. He then talked to 52-year-old Tina Marie King as she filled out an affidavit. She advised that she was sleeping on the couch with the victim woke her up by yelling, the report said. 

The victim then tried to pull a quilt off King, to which she grabbed it and a “tug-of-war” began between them over the quilt. The victim then left. She also advised that the two had been living together for years and were in a relationship. The deputy observed no injuries to her, the report said. 

The deputy met with the victim next and immediately noticed a small dried blood trail from a small cut at the top of his nose between his eyebrows. He stated that he was sleeping when he awoke to something hitting him hard in the face. King began to hit him in the face, and as he explained it, he showed the deputy a large knot on the side of his head near his ear, the report said. 

The victim added that he and King had been staying in his trailer for about four years, but they were not intimate nor residing as a familial unit. A check of prior call history and previous reports showed that the pair had an on-and-off intimate relationship for about 8 to 10 years and had lived together for most of that time, the report said. 

King was ultimately arrested and charged with domestic battery (touch or strike). The Ohio native was transported to Lake County Jail with bond set at $1,000. 

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