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Health code violations found at Ski Beach Bar and Grill in Leesburg

A restaurant in Leesburg required a follow-up inspection after the discovery of several health code violations last week.

Ski Beach Bar and Grill, located at 21 Dozier Circle in Leesburg, was cited as not being an immediate threat to the public while having violations that required further review, according to the inspection report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Ski Beach Bar & Grill in Leesburg
Ski Beach Bar & Grill in Leesburg.

The Nov. 14 inspection revealed problems with hygiene and employee practices. The dish machine chlorine sanitizer did not meet the minimum strength standard, forcing a manual setup until the machine was repaired. The interior of an oven had an accumulation of a black substance like grease or food debris, and a sponge was being used as a salt applicator at the bar.

Additionally, some employees did not have proof of required state training. Others were found to have beverages or personal items like a cell phone in the food prep area. One employee had no hair restraint while prepping food.

Other violations included an unlabeled spray bottle containing a toxic substance, a bowl with no handle used to dispense food, ice buildup in the ice cream freezer and packaged fish thawed out despite a label indicating it was to remain frozen until the time of use.

Most of these issues were corrected on-site while the inspector was there. Still, the issues were serious enough that the restaurant was cited as needing a follow-up inspection.

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