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Trespasser caught sleeping with woman at historic Mote-Morris House

Marshall Leshaun Hall
Marshall Leshaun Hall

A Leesburg man was arrested for trespassing at the Mote-Morris House after law enforcement caught him sleeping on the property with a woman. 

Police observed 43-year-old Marshall Leshaun Hall and his female companion on the property of The Mote-Morris House, located at 1195 West Magnolia St., at about 1:44 p.m. Sunday, according to an arrest report from the Leesburg Police Department. 

Upon the officer speaking with Hall, he identified himself and left the property, only stating that he worked at the Sunoco gas station at 1200 West Main Street. After speaking with the woman, the officer was informed that Hall had been previously trespassed from the property, the report said. 

Due to this, the officer went to Sunoco and spoke with an employee to investigate the whereabouts of Hall. The employee advised that he was somewhat familiar with Hall and had seen him running towards the area of 1211 W Main St, the report said. 

Several officers arrived in the area and found Hall behind a building, the report said. He was unaware of their presence until the woman from Mote-Morris yelled for him to run. He then turned around and noticed the officers approaching.  

Hall resisted arrest by pulling away from the officers. They quickly grabbed Hall, but he resisted further by keeping his hands from going behind his back despite multiple commands to comply. He was taken to the ground and successfully detained without injury, the report said. 

A search of Hall’s person was then conducted. Officers found a cigar package containing a white powdery substance, which was tested for methamphetamine. It indicated amphetamines were present but could not verify which narcotic it was, the report said. 

An interview was conducted with the woman regarding her obstruction of the investigation due to her yelling for him to run from officers. She advised that she told Hall to run because she knew he was in possession of “molly,” the report said. 

The Mississippi native was charged with trespass after warning and resisting (obstructing without violence). He was transported to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $2,000.

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