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Tavares High School student caught with five cartridges of THC oil

Gabriel Agusto Melero Bruzual
Gabriel Agusto Melero Bruzual

A student at Tavares High School was arrested after being caught with five cartridges of THC oil on school grounds.

The school’s assistant principal told a Lake County sheriff’s deputy that 18-year-old Gabriel Agusto Melero Bruzual had been found in possession of the substance at around 10:35 a.m. Thursday, according to the sheriff’s office arrest report.

The assistant principal said she was summoned to the school’s gymnasium in reference to several students hiding under the bleachers. Those students were then escorted back to her office and searched, the report said.

Melero Bruzual was found to be in possession of an electronic vaping device containing an oily substance, which tested positive for the presence of THC oil. Four more unopened boxes were found in his backpack bearing the same heart-shaped logo as the cartridge in the vaping device. The packaging in the boxes indicated 1.5 milliliters per cartridge, the report said.

Based on these findings, Melero Bruzual was arrested and charged with five counts of possession of THC oil. He was taken to the Lake County Detention Center and released after posting $10,000 bond.

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