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Jail inmate attacks staff member after feeling “singled out”

Deshanna Deshaye Carter
Deshanna Deshaye Carter

A Lake County Jail inmate was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer after she attacked a jail staff member after feeling singled out.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy responded around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to A pod in the Lake County Jail for a follow-up investigation regarding a battery on a staff member. Jail staff told the deputy that 30-year-old Deshanna Deshaye Carter had attacked a staff member, who had been removed from the pod and was being cared for by medical staff in the booking area. The victim was holding her face and was in extreme pain, so the officer advised her that a statement would be collected at a later time, according to an arrest report from the sheriff’s office.

The officer then traveled to B pod to speak with Carter, who said she was being harassed by the victim and felt singled out. She explained she was trying to use the kiosk to file a grievance and was told by the victim to collect her belongings for the purpose of receiving discipline, the report said.

Carter stated she complied and collected her things, and then was seated outside of the pod on the bench. The victim began to restrain her, but Carter requested another deputy do it instead. The victim told Carter that it was not going to happen, according to the report.

At that point, Carter claimed the victim pulled her hands so hard that she struck her face with the restraint. Carter said she began to strike the victim with her fists before being restrained by staff, the report said.

After speaking with Carter, the officer utilized video footage of the incident for a follow up. In the video, Carter was seen exiting the pod with her things and taking a seat on the bench outside. The victim approached her and began speaking with her before she applied one restraint on Carter’s wrist. An argument ensued, followed by Carter striking the victim repeatedly. Carter was not struck first as she claimed, the report said.

The video continued to show Carter striking the victim with closed fists on her face and head. She also wrestled with the victim and violently grabbed her hair during the ordeal. The victim defended herself by delivering closed hand strikes until staff members responded to the pod and gained control of Carter, according to the report.

Based on these findings, Carter was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer. Her bond was set was $15,000.

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