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Leesburg teen’s reckless driving ends in trip to jail

Jordan Lee Fernandez -Correa
Jordan Lee Fernandez-Correa

Reckless driving led to a Leesburg teen’s arrest Thursday night.

A Leesburg police officer was on patrol when he saw a silver Honda Civic traveling eastbound on East Dixie Highway without any headlights. As the officer followed the Civic he could hear a very loud noise coming from an obviously modified exhaust according to the arrest report. As the officer followed the Civic it continued to speed and weave through traffic. The Civic nearly collided with a semi-truck as it passed on the left of the truck.

The officer initiated a traffic stop near the intersection of East Dixie Avenue and East Main Street and made contact with the driver, 19-year-old Jordan Lee Fernandez-Correa. Fernandez admitted that his driving was reckless and apologized to the officer. When he was placed under arrest for reckless driving he admitted that the officer would find some illegal drugs in the car.

The officer then searched the Civic and found three baggies under the driver’s seat and a baggie in  between the front seats which held marijuana. Total weight of the marijuana was 106.5 grams. Also located with the marijuana was a scale typically used to weigh drugs.

Fernandez was booked at the Leesburg Police Department for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia . He was also given a citation for reckless driving. He was taken to the Lake County Jail with bond set at $4,000.

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