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Brazilian who overstayed his visa apprehended in Leesburg

Elton Gimenes
Elton Gimenes

A member of the Lake County Traffic Task Force apprehended a Brazilian who has apparently overstayed his visa.

The officer ran the license plate number of a Ford SUV on Friday in Leesburg which revealed the vehicle had a seize tag order in place. A records check showed that the seize tag order was based on a failure to pay a traffic fine for the offense of driving without a license.

When the officer stopped 39-year-old Elton Gimenes and and asked him for his driver’s license, Gimenes handed him his passport. When the officer asked about Gimenes about his driver’s license, Gimenes said he “had some issues with his visa and has been unable to get a driver’s license” He told the officer that he has been in the United States for four years.

Gimenes was placed under arrest for driving with no license-never had one. The license plate was seized and Gimenes was transported to the Lake County Jail. He was released after posting $500.

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