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North Carolina man arrested at Leesburg home after pointing gun at girl

Troy Douglas White
Troy Douglas White

A North Carolina man was arrested Sunday evening after allegedly pointing a loaded pistol at a girl at a home in Leesburg.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a house in the 10300 block of Summit Square Drive when a suspicious incident complaint was received by dispatch.

A woman called and said someone was banging on her front door and she did not know who it was. Shortly after the first call from the residence, another woman called and told the dispatcher that she had been locked out of her house by her roommate.

When the deputy arrived at the house, he first made contact with the woman who had been locked out of the house. She told him that her son, his girlfriend and herself had been at a bonfire and got home a few minutes after 8:30 p.m.

When she realized she had been locked out, she pounded on the door, but no one responded. She had her son’s girlfriend climb through her bedroom window because she was small enough to fit.

The girlfriend told the deputies she climbed through the window with the intent of unlocking the front door. When she opened the bedroom door, 54-year-old Troy White pointed a gun at her and announced she had “five seconds to leave the way she had come in.” He cocked the gun while counting down, according to the arrest report. The girl slammed the bedroom door and ran to the window and climbed out as fast as she could. She told the deputy that she feared for her life. 

The girl told the deputies that she had been at the house the day before and that White became threatening later in the day as he began drinking. He flashed a gun and called them “vipers,” according to the arrest report.

When the deputy and his backup attempted to enter the house, White would not let them, boasting that he “knew his rights,” according to the arrest report. When the homeowner let deputies in, White retreated to bedroom and barricaded the door. He called 911 and claimed there was a home invasion.

White was taken into custody. He had a 9mm Beretta pistol.

White was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The  Virginia native was booked at the Lake County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond.

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