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Woman arrested after alleged attack on gal pal in Leesburg

Jasmine Hall
Jasmine Hall

A woman was arrested Monday night on a warrant alleging she had attacked her girlfriend in Leesburg.

Police officers had been dispatched earlier this month to the Southwinds Cove apartment complex. The officers made contact with a woman who told the officers that she had been dating 34-year-old Jasmine S. Hall. The couple had been arguing via text messages all morning on Nov. 22. The victim received a text from Hall which stated “give me five minutes, don’t call the police.” At about 12:30 p.m., a few minutes after the last text, the woman heard a knock at her door. She had been expecting a relative to drop by so she opened the door without looking to see who knocked.

When the victim opened the door, Hall hit her in the face with a closed fist. She hit the victim five more times and as the victim struggled to fight back, Hall pushed her into a closet door near the front door with such force that it broke the door. Hall fled the scene.

Officers noted in their report that the victim had swelling on her face and bloody abrasions below her right eye.

The victim was accompanied by her aunt to the police station where photos were taken of the injuries to her face. The aunt received a text message from Hall which stated, “I got your niece.” Both the victim and the aunt showed Hall’s text messages to police. Officers used a phone number they had for Hall to call her and request she come to the police station. Hall refused the request.

The patrol officers forwarded their report to the detectives who obtained an arrest warrant for Hall who was taken into custody Monday evening by Lake County sheriff’s deputies. She was booked at the Lake County Jail on charges of burglary with battery and simple battery. She was released after posting $26,000 bond.

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