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Leesburg teen stopped for tinted windows and jailed for meth trafficking

Dayshan Rayne Harris
Dayshan Rayne Harris

A 19-year-old Leesburg woman pulled over for having overly tinted windows was arrested after police found a large amount of methamphetamine in her vehicle.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was traveling east on Colonial Street shortly after midnight Friday when he saw a blue 2011 Infiniti traveling west with extremely dark tinted windows. The deputy was unable to see even the silhouette of the driver through the window. He ran the vehicle’s tag and discovered the registration had expired earlier this month, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Montclair and Gregory roads and spoke with the driver – Dayshan Rayne Harris, of 302 Sandy Oak Circle Apt. 302. The deputy immediately recognized the smell of marijuana emitting from the vehicle and observed a burnt, hand-rolled cigar that appeared to be marijuana, the report said.

The deputy asked Harris and her passenger if they had medical marijuana cards and they said they did not. They said there wasn’t any marijuana in the vehicle because they had smoked it all, but there might be some marijuana roaches in the ashtray. The deputy also saw a small scale on the passenger’s lap, the report said.

The deputy searched the vehicle and found a package of baggies on the driver’s seat, beneath where Harris was sitting, as well as a scale with white residue on it in the center console. The deputy also found multiple sandwich baggies on the passenger seat that were consistent with the type used in trafficking narcotics, according to the report.

A female deputy arrived and searched Harris, finding a plastic bag containing a large amount of a white substance in her bra. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine, while the green leafy substance in the burnt, hand-rolled cigar tested positive for marijuana, the report said.

Harris was charged with the trafficking a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and given a warning for the illegally dark window tint. She was taken to the Lake County Jail, where she was released later in the day on $25,000 bond. Harris is scheduled to appear in Lake County Court on Oct. 10.


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