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Man with kids in the car charged with cocaine possession

Marco Leonard Williams
Marco Leonard Williams

A 42-year-old Leesburg man with kids in the back seat of his vehicle was arrested on drug charges after being stopped for speeding in Fruitland Park.

Marco Leonard Williams, of 2342 Mispah Ave., reportedly muttered several times while on the way to the Lake County Jail that if the children weren’t in the car, he would have “drug” (attempted to flee) the officer instead of pulling over. He was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment, and driving with a suspended license (third or subsequent offense).

Shortly before 10 p.m. Friday, a Fruitland Park police officer used radar to measure Williams driving eastbound at 70 mph in a 45-mile zone on County Road 466A near Drake Drive. As the officer turned around and started following the vehicle, Williams accelerated until he caught up with another vehicle traveling eastbound. Williams turned south on Cutoff Road and accelerated quickly again until the officer activated his emergency lights and Williams pulled over, according to the police report.

As the vehicle stopped, the officer saw Williams reach down by his right waistline area. The officer drew his gun and ordered the vehicle’s occupants to show their hands, which they did. The officer ordered Williams to exit the vehicle. While he was getting out, Williams spontaneously said he didn’t have a valid license and had never been issued one. A computer check showed Williams’ license had multiple suspensions and two convictions for driving on a suspended license, the report said.

Williams was placed under arrest and searched. During the search, the officer found a clear baggie containing a white powdery substance in Williams’ right-rear pants pocket. As the officer removed the bag, it fell onto the bumper of his patrol car and Williams became noticeably nervous and said the bag didn’t belong to him. The officer said the bag did, indeed, belong to Williams, who replied, “prove it,” according to the report.

The officer searched the vehicle and found a cup containing a yellow alcoholic beverage and a clear plastic straw that contained a white powdery substance. The woman in the front passenger seat said the cup wasn’t hers and belonged to Williams. The substance tested positive for cocaine, the report said.

The passenger also told the officer that Williams accelerated after seeing the officer start to follow him, but she told him to stop due to her kids being in the vehicle. She said she believes he otherwise would have tried to flee, according to the report.

Williams was released from jail Saturday morning on $5,000 bond. He’ll appear in Lake County Court on May 31.

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