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Speeding Leesburg driver arrested at wheel of friend’s vehicle

Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown

A speeding Leesburg driver with multiple license suspensions was arrested while driving a friend’s car.

A Tavares police officer was on patrol late Thursday night when he activated his radar unit as a car sped past his location heading westbound on U.S. Hwy.  441. The officer stopped the speeder in the 11500 block of U.S. Hwy. 441.

When the officer asked for the man’s driver’s license, the officer was handed a Florida identification card for 38-year-old Darrell Brown.

A records check showed that Brown’s license has been suspended seven times in the past 10 years and that he had been arrested three times for driving while suspended offenses.

Brown told the officer that he had borrowed a friend’s car that night.

Brown was transported to the Lake County Jail where bond was set in the amount of $2,000 on the third degree felony of driving while license suspended.

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