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Pool company employee arrested after allegedly burglarizing customer’s home

Kyle Acevedo
Kyle Acevedo

A pool company employee was arrested after allegedly burglarizing a customer’s home.

Kyle Thomas Acevedo, 26, of Mount Dora, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of burglary, grand theft and tampering with evidence at the Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa store at 2251 Citrus Blvd. in Leesburg.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies had been called earlier that day to a home on Woodside Drive where they were met by a property caretaker who said she had received a phone call from the homeowner, who was out of town. She said the homeowner observed a man enter his pool area and put some pool treatment chemicals into his pool via a security camera. The man went over to the security camera and disconnected it as the image went blank. The homeowner then watched the man enter his garage on a separate security camera. He watched the man take a circular saw valued at $250 and remove it from the garage.

Deputies went to the Pinch A Penny store where they met with the store manager. The manager advised them that the employee assigned to the Woodside Drive account was not there and offered to call him. 

When Acevedo arrived, the deputies read him the Miranda warnings before questioning him. Acevedo stated he went to the property to service the pool and thought the residence was abandoned so he went into the garage to make sure no one was there. When Acevedo was asked about the camera being turned off, he advised that the camera was making a loud noise so he attempted to turn the camera to get the noise to stop. He eventually admitted he took the circular saw along with a folding lawn chair. The folding chair was in his car and the saw was at his residence. All items were recovered and returned to the homeowner. 

Acevedo was taken into custody and booked at the Lake County Jail. He was released after posting $8,000 bond.

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