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Lake County Board of County Commissioners to meet at Venetian Center

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners is hosting a series of meetings in each Commission district, and the next meeting will be for District 3, which is represented by Commissioner Kirby Smith. It will be held Aug. 2 at 3 p.m. at the Harris Room inside of the Venetian Center, located at 1 Dozier Court in Leesburg. The meetings will not be live streamed, and the public is encouraged to attend.

The first meeting was held May 3 in District 1, which is represented by Commissioner Doug Shields. The second meeting was held June 24 in District 2, which is represented by Commission Chairman Sean Parks.

The District 3 meeting will focus on the Board’s short-term strategic plan as well as any long-term items within a five to 10-year time frame that Commissioner Smith deems significant. Commissioner Smith will then offer the floor to the other Commissioners. There will also be a presentation on roads presented by Assistant County Manager Fred Schneider.

Meeting details for Districts 4 and 5 will be provided at a later date, and they will take place in their respective districts.

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