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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sheriff’s compliance checks for local sex offenders ends with 11 in jail

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the U.S. Marshals Service to initiate Operation Guardian Lake during recent months. This operation focused on sex offenders and sex predators in Lake County and was designed to identify those who are in violation of various reporting requirements associated with their statuses.

The sheriff’s Special Investigations Bureau utilized undercover detectives to conduct surveillance day and night, seven days a week to determine whether or not the subjects were in compliance. Detectives were able to verify a total of 486 subjects through home and business address verifications throughout the operation, which began in February.

Operation Guardian Lake

During the operation, detectives found eight sex offenders and four sex predators to be in violation of their requirements. The violations ranged from failure to register a vehicle or employment, to failing to register phones or social media accounts.

Eleven of the 12 violators were arrested and taken into custody, while an arrest warrant was issued for the 12th subject, who is a sex offender who was not able to be located.

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