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Leesburg man will have to appear in court after lounging on couch at Big Lots

A Leesburg man received a court summons when he was spotted trespassing on a couch behind a Big Lots.

Michael Tazzetto
Michael Tazzetto

An officer with the Leesburg Police Department conducted a secure check of the Gateway Plaza, located at 935 N. 14th Street in Leesburg, around 8:19 a.m. Sunday, June 23, according to a Lake County notice to appear. He drove behind the businesses in his patrol vehicle. 

As the officer approached the rear of Big Lots, a store at the end of the plaza, he observed two couches and a chair close to the building. He then saw several people, one of which was later identified as 50-year-old Michael Tazzetto, sitting on and standing near the couches. He approached the individuals who suddenly began to grab their property and personal belongings, the notice said. 

Tazzetto stated that he was trying to help his friend “get right” because she was homeless. He provided a Florida ID, and the information was run through the LPD Communications Center who advised that Tazzetto had previously been trespassed from 935 N. 14th Street, the notice said. 

Based on this information, probable cause existed that Tazzetto violated trespass after warning. The New York native was issued a misdemeanor summons, and he agreed to appear in court at 550 W. Main Street on the morning of July 16. He signed and received a copy of the summons before being released on his own recognizance, the notice said. 

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