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Homeless woman jailed after kicking deputy in groin

Stephanie Lynn Armstrong
Stephanie Lynn Armstrong

A homeless woman was arrested Thursday after she reportedly kicked a deputy in the groin while being forcefully removed from her father’s home in Leesburg.

Stephanie Lynn Armstrong, 40, was charged with trespass without warning and resisting a law enforcement officer both with and without violence after the incident, which happened Thursday morning at a home on Sunnyside Drive. Deputies responded to the residence after Armstrong’s father reported she wouldn’t leave, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Armstrong’s father said she had not lived at the residence in over two years and did not pay rent or have any form of ownership of the home. He said he only allowed her to stay the night temporarily, and she was supposed to leave the following day, the report said.

After much effort to have an angry Armstrong leave the residence peacefully, she proceeded to yell and scream. Two officers then grabbed her by the arms and tried to place her under arrest. Armstrong began to physically resist and was ultimately placed on the ground where she was secured. She had to be physically pulled out of the residence due to her level of resistance, according to the report.

Once outside in the front yard, an officer walked towards his patrol vehicle to bring it closer to Armstrong to mitigate further risk. During this process, Armstrong became very combative and kicked an officer near his groin area. Another officer performed a leg sweep takedown technique in response, the report said.

When the officer arrived with the patrol vehicle, Armstrong was still combative and had to be restrained using leg shackles, leading her to being four-point restrained. The Georgia native was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle and taken to the Lake County Jail, where bond was set at $7,000.

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