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Leesburg man arrested after falling asleep in his garage

Robert Sheets Jr.
Robert Sheets Jr.

A Leesburg man was arrested late Wednesday night for violating a no contact order.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence where a woman had spotted 45-year-old Robert Sheets Jr. near her garage. She said she had received several calls and texts from Sheets that day, despite having a no contact order in effect. When deputies searched the premises, they could not find Sheets but did note that the garage was locked. The woman told the deputy that the garage should be unlocked at that Sheets had the only key. She gave the deputies permission to force their way into the building, according to the arrest report. 

As the deputies were making preparations to force the door open, they heard a man’s voice. The deputies ordered the man to exit the building and Sheets complied with their request. Sheets told the deputies that he knew about the no contact order, but claimed he was allowed in the garage when she was not home. He said he had fallen asleep in the garage and woke up when she got home. He had planned to be gone before she got home from work so he would not be arrested.

Sheets was placed under arrest for disobeying the no contact order. He was transported to the Lake County Jail where he was booked without bond. The Maryland native had previously been arrested Oct.25 for domestic battery. He was arrested Sept. 5, 2019 on a charge of aggravated domestic battery.

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