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Duke Energy grant to help Leesburg High School’s drone program

Engineering Pathways, a Lake County Schools Career and Technical Education program that empowers students to step into the role of an engineer who utilizes a problem-solving mindset, has received a $10,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation.

The grant, which was awarded to the Education Foundation of Lake County, will help fund the Leesburg High School program to design, construct and learn to fly drones. It will also help underwrite the East Ridge High School program where students learn to convert mini refrigerators from electric to solar power.

The District’s CTE programs provide students with hands-on training and classroom instruction to prepare them to earn industry certifications. Students in the Engineer Pathways programs may earn Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (RECF) Pre-Engineering Certification and/or RECF Robotics Certification.

“According to CTE curriculum developer Applied Education Systems, 91 percent of high school graduates who earned two to three CTE credits go on to enroll in college,” said Diane Kornegay, Lake County Schools superintendent. “We also know that the engineering industry is seeking additional talent and diversity within its professional ranks. We expect an increased number of minority students will consider a career in engineering as a result of their participation in the Engineering Pathways CTE programs.”

The Duke Energy grant made to the Education Foundation of Lake County, the direct support organization for Lake County Schools, is one of 23 grants – totaling $653,000 – that the energy company is investing in science, technology, engineering and math education programs, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion awareness across Florida.

“Building a brighter future begins with providing students with the best education and opportunities for success,” said Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida state president. “These grants are an investment in our communities and will strengthen and support those who are educating our next generation.”

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