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Friday, October 16, 2020

Leesburg Construction Academy builds picnic tables for Mount Dora students

Members of the Leesburg Construction Academy built five picnic tables for students to use at Mount Dora High School.

Thanks to the Leesburg High School Construction Academy, Mount Dora High School students now have more places to be socially distant during lunch.

The Leesburg students built five picnic tables that are now in the courtyards at Mount Dora High School. The tables, which cost $280 each to build, were underwritten by Artisan Laser Guild, Red Apples Media, Scott’s Roofing, Seabrook Family Trust and Vann Gannaway Chevrolet. Each table is adorned with a small plaque engraved with a sponsor’s name.

“This project is a win-win in that it provided Leesburg High School students with a chance to practice their skills while giving Mount Dora High School students a place to comfortably and safely gather,” said Carman Cullen, Executive Director of the Education Foundation of Lake County. “Having community sponsors fund the supplies needed to build the tables is a plus for this project.”

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