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Obituaries in Leesburg, Florida. Local obituaries, local passings, local information on the deceased in Leesburg and Lake County, Florida. Local funeral home listings and links for individual condolences.

Nathanielle Davis “Nathan” Pugh

Nathan Pugh was a Manager in the Food and Beverage Industry. He worked at the Outback Restaurant in Leesburg for several years.

Jeanette Richardson Baker

Grace Baker and her husband owned and operated restaurants in their younger years and enjoyed cooking.

Beatrice M. “Bea” Dorsey

Bea Dorsey enjoyed going shopping, decorating her home and was an avid baker, but most of all loved being on the open road with her husband in their truck.

Laura B. Rice

She was an avid bingo and card player.

James J. Snedden Sr.

James Snedden served in the Army, where he was stationed in Germany.

Matthew J. “Jim” Morrell, II

Jim Morrell was an avid hunter prior to moving to Florida and was also a referee of youth hockey games. He served 12 years in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Richard E. Crocker

Rich Crocker was a former Salesman in the Grocery Distribution Industry and also worked in Leesburg at the Publix Food Store for a short period where he was loved by all that worked with him.

Andrew Jon Competiello

Andrew Competiello, of Leesburg, passed away September 19 at the age of 66.

Janis Lynne Tesch

Janis Tesch enjoyed sewing, and loved to work on craft projects. She enjoyed taking care of people and her family.

Betty Sue McKaig

Betty Sue McKaig worked at the New York Telephone Compan until her retirement in 1987, when she moved to Leesburg.